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Quick start

Wolfram Language Notebook requires wolframscript (see Freeware Wolfram Engine or Wolfram Kernel) installed on your PC/Mac. This application will check all paths and ask to locate a Wolfram executable if nothing is found.


Works only with Wolfram Engine \geq 13.0.0. The version 13.3.X is more preferable.

Overview 🚀

There are two ways you can choose from

Desktop application

Notebook interface is shipped as an Electron application, which is cross-platform and has most benefits of a native desktop app. This is the easiest way


It comes with a launcher, that takes care about all updates, files extension association and etc.

Server application

Since this is a web-based application, you can also run on a server. User interface is reachable from any modern browser. Clone a master branch and run wolframscript

git clone
cd wolfram-js-frontend
wolframscript -f Scripts/start.wls

It will take some time to download all core plugins, after that you can start using it by opening your browser

Open in your browser