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Quick start

Wolfram Language Notebook requires wolframscript (see Freeware Wolfram Engine or Wolfram Kernel) installed on your PC/Mac.


Tested with Wolfram Engine 13.X - 14.X

Overview 🚀

There are two ways you can choose from

Desktop application

Notebook interface is shipped as an Electron application, which is cross-platform and has most benefits of a native desktop app. This is the easiest way


It comes with a launcher, that takes care about all updates, files extension association and etc. Also see releases page for more portable installation bundles (no docs).

For all options fully offline work is 100% possible.

Server application

Since this is a web-based application, you can also run on a server. User interface is reachable from any modern browser. Clone a master branch and run wolframscript

git clone
cd wolfram-js-frontend
wolframscript -f Scripts/start.wls

It will take some time to download all core plugins, after that you can start using it by opening your browser

Open in your browser

To start server on a specific hostname

wolframscript -f Scripts/start.wls host http 8080 ws 8081 ws2 8082 docs 8085

that will open an HTTP server on 8080 port with 8081, 8082 used for realtime communication and docs pages at 8085

Extra arguments

  • set the home folder (overrides settings)
wolframscript -f Scripts/start.wls folder "Demos"
  • disable autolaunch of the evaluation kernel
wolframscript -f Scripts/start.wls noautolaunch True
  • disable autotest
wolframscript -f Scripts/start.wls bypasstest True


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